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Mondi expands heavy duty corrugated portfolio in Poland

By Jenny Eagle+

Last updated on 02-Feb-2017 at 12:39 GMT2017-02-02T12:39:06Z

Mondi expands its heavy duty corrugated boxes. Picture: Mondi.
Mondi expands its heavy duty corrugated boxes. Picture: Mondi.

Mondi has expanded its Simet plant near Poznań, Poland, reinforcing its heavy duty corrugated capabilities in Europe.

It has installed a 2.8 meter corrugator with three single facers at the plant, offering more choice for customers in the region. 

Q3 2017

A 2.40 meter box maker with a stitching unit will also be installed for heavy duty conversions, allowing short production runs with boards up to six meters in length.  

Grzegorz Kulesza, regional manager Poland, Mondi, told DairyReporter the project is scheduled to be completed in Q3, 2017. 

This investment will allow Mondi to provide even greater support to the wider Polish corrugated market,” he said. 

It will quickly increase the plant´s production volume capability to up to 200 million square meters per year.” 

Kulesza added the quality control features of the new corrugator, such as closed loop process control for automatic adjustment of paper temperature and moisture of the board, as well as real time camera inspection to detect defects, will further support consistent deliveries to Mondi Simet customers. 

Pak-(k)it & stac-pac

The extended portfolio includes; mono and multi material constructive packaging, Octabins for bulk packaging and large volume corrugated containers, including pak-(k)it and stac-pac pallet boxes. 

The paper based offerings are an alternative to heavier and more rigid systems, such as those made from metal or wood. 

Mondi Simet will work in close cooperation with Mondi’s heavy duty plant in Ansbach, Germany, with regard to tailored heavy duty products. 

In addition to the upgrade, Mondi Simet will enhance its technical capabilities at the facility with a Rotary Die Cutter (RDC) and case maker. 

The RDC will provide customers with an extended product choice, including high sales impact retail and shelf ready packaging.

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