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Yakult plans to ‘dissolve’ Argentina business

1 comment18-Dec-2012

Yakult plans to ‘dissolve’ Argentina business

Yakult has announced that it intends to completely dismantle its Argentinian business, citing the problems encountered establishing a “sufficient business foundation” in the country.

The subsidiary, Yakult Argentina S.A., was founded in December 1996 and began importing and selling Yakult in May 1997.

“Yakult Honsha Co Ltd would like to inform that we have decided to dissolve Yakult Argentina S.A., our sales subsidiary in Argentina,” said the Yakult statement.

“Yakult Argentina S.A. started sales of Yakult in May 1997, importing products from Brazil. However, since it has not been possible to establish a sufficient business foundation in Argentina and we do not see any prospects for profitability, we have decided to dissolve the company.”

“Effects of the dissolution of the subsidiary on our consolidated business performance will be minimal," the statement added.

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Motivos reales de la Liquidacion Empresa Yakult Argentina

Read this. It is intersting at least.

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