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Arla Food Ingredients launches Maximum Yield to increase profits and cut waste

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By Jim Cornall+

Last updated on 12-Apr-2016 at 13:44 GMT2016-04-12T13:44:53Z

Arla Food Ingredients new Maximum Yield drive is designed to help dairies eliminate by-products and increase profits.
Arla Food Ingredients new Maximum Yield drive is designed to help dairies eliminate by-products and increase profits.

Arla Foods Ingredients has launched Maximum Yield, a new drive to raise awareness of the ways whey protein ingredients can enable dairy companies to maximize output, increase profits and cut waste.

The campaign will highlight how adding whey protein to an existing production process with minor or no processing adjustments can increase a dairy’s efficiency and boost its sustainability credentials.

The Arla Food Ingredients campaign focuses on the elimination of unwanted by-products and the use of by-products as a raw material.  

It says that there is an approach available to suit every dairy, regardless of circumstances.

Brian Jørgensen, business unit director at Arla Food Ingredients, said, “Maximum Yield is about emphasizing the benefits of whey protein ingredients in terms of either making sure 100% of the milk processed ends up in the finished product, or alternatively treating any by-products created during production as a valuable raw material.

In both cases, dairies will be maximizing their productivity and reducing the burden they place on the environment.”

Whey-based solutions

Waste is among the leading consumer concerns in today’s food and beverage industry, with Euromonitor International ranking sustainable food production among its top 10 trends for 2016.

Arla Food Ingredients has developed a portfolio of whey-based solutions that offer the benefits of Maximum Yield. These include ingredients from the Nutrilac HiYield range, which enable dairies to make cheese, Greek-style yogurt and fermented beverages using 100% of their milk, as well as Nutrilac ingredients that enable processors to turn acid whey into added-value dairy products.

The company also offers Nutrilac Softcheese, which it says makes it possible to reduce fat in soft ripened cheese by 50% with no loss of creaminess and increase the final yield by up to 20%.

Jørgensen said that for dairies looking to eliminate by-products like acid whey, or to turn it into a product, Arla Food Ingredients can increase profitability and reduce waste, and its products are a cost effective way to use 100% of the milk.

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