Campina planning German market onslaught

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The InterMopro dairy show in Duesseldorf this week was the ideal
platform for Dutch dairy group to showcase a number of new products
destined for the German market. The company is also planning to
quicken the pace of the introduction of its own brand there.

The InterMopro dairy exhibition held in Duesseldorf, Germany, this week, provided an excellent opportunity for Dutch dairy group Campina to highlight a number of innovative new products and to continue its roll out of the Campina brand in Germany.

Campina is already the leading supplier of dairy desserts in Germany with the Landliebe brand, and a number of new extensions to the range were introduced at the show. These included Landliebe Sahne-Flammerie and the new Doppelkammerbecher (twin pack) for Landliebe Grießpudding and Sahnepudding with fruit sauce, as well as new seasonal variations for Landliebe drinking yoghurts.

The show was also used to present several new variants to the Puddis Guglhupf and Milchstrudel range, introduced in Germany earlier this year, in particular Puddis Schokostrudel (chocolate with cream).

There was also a new pack design for Campina's liquid milk brand, the German market leader for fresh milk, while the regional milk brands Tuffi, Mark Brandenburg and Suedmilch have all been launched in litre cartons with a screw cap and in PET bottles.

The Campina brand itself is slowly being rolled out in Germany, with the company's distinctive green oval logo introduced on the regional milk brands and on Puddis since the start of the year. A new television commercial for Puddis Guglhupf also highlighted Campina's ownership of the brand for the first time.

The next step in this rollout is due to take place in the autumn, with the re-branding of the regional labels into Campina. The green oval Campina logo will feature prominently on the top of the packaging, although the regional brand names will remain on the packaging.

"After the introduction of the Campina brand, we will continue to stress the fact that our products are sourced locally, which is one of our strengths,"​ said Detlef Holst, general manager of Campina Germany. The re-branding of the regional labels into Campina will be supported by an extensive advertising campaign.

Linked to the introduction of the Campina brand in Germany is the introduction of NutriStart, a breakfast drink, which will be the first new product launched there under the parent company's name. The healthy convenience product is targeted at on-the-go consumers with no time for a traditional breakfast, and will also be backed by a major ad campaign.

Advertising will not be the only brand support, however. Campina is also to continue its sponsorship of a number of running events in Germany, of which it has already sponsored 15 throughout the country. "Running events and Campina match well as both are related to positive values such as the joy of living and health,"​ said Hans Burger, commercial director of Campina Germany.

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