New packaging to crack Russian yoghurt market

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Yoghurtbox, is claimed to be a unique type of packaging that once
used can become somewhat of a building block for young children to
play with.

The group responsible for the production of the container wishes to sell its innovative design, in an attempt to crack the yoghurt packaging market, in Russia.

Yoghurt is a popular part of the European diet and the annual consumption of yoghurt in Europe averages at 17 kilograms per person per year. However, in Russia, where this design was created, the trend proves to be very different. The consumption volume of yoghurt each year in Russia amounts to only 1.5 kilograms per person.

Forecasters predict that Russian consumption will increase in the future. These were the predictions that urged designers to come up with an alternative packaging for yoghurt. They claim that this offers "outstanding competitive advantages"​ over other more traditional types.

The group claims that the unique selling point, allows both children and adults to be targeted by company marketing. The pots are able to connect with each other, and this, the group says can allow children to build and play.

The container still employs a vacuum polymer sheet which is traditional with most yoghurt packagers. It is 60 mm in depth and 1.4 mm thick, which makes it an average size in terms of yoghurt pots. Traditional packaging techniques are used for this product and the group says that this allows it to have a low in price.

The product will be advertised in Russian trade and advertising publications within the next month, and the producers say that the container is ideal for the lactic market. For more information on the licensing of the YoghurtBox, visit

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