New product hits growing protective packaging sector

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Automated Packaging Systems has launched a third-generation
protective packaging system to take advantage of a sector that is
predicted to grow by 5.2 per cent annually through to 2008.

The company claims that the packaging system is smaller, faster and simpler than its previous AirPouch systems.

The new AirPouch Express 3 Void-Fill System is a portable, benchtop unit that produces air pillows at more than 50 feet per minute. Automated Packaging claims that the system is fast enough for high-volume applications, yet cost-effective for packing operations that use as little as 200 cubic feet of packing material per week.

The AirPouch Express 3 produces air pillows in continuous strips that can be torn away quickly and easily for fast, clean packing operations. The air pillows are ideal for all void-fill applications and for many other protective packaging uses.

The launch of the new product underlines the potential in the North American protective packaging demand. Research analyst Freedonia Group predicts that the sector will grow 5.2 per cent annually through to 2008.

In the study, entitled Protective Packaging to 2008,​ the firm predicts that inflatable bags, insulated shipping containers, polyolefin rolls and moulded foam will see the best rates of growth. Altogether, the protective packaging sector in the US is already worth $2.7 billion.

The new AirPouch packaging system weighs 35 pounds and has a footprint of 20" x 12", making it one of the most lightweight and compact packing systems on the market. The unit is quiet and its all-electric design requires no compressed air.

The system can run in automatic or semi-automatic modes. In automatic mode an optional sensor controls the system to maintain an ongoing supply of pillows as the packer uses them. In semi-automatic mode, the systems can be set to produce any quantity of material required.

In manual mode, the packer uses a hand and foot switch to start and stop production. Automated Packaging Systems offers many vacuum feed options to deliver bags to the packing line.

The AirPouch Express 3 provides packers with various pillow sizes in continuous strips. Pillow material is preformed with unique EZ-Tear perforations for fast, efficient packing. The DuraClear polyethylene is stronger than most other LDPE materials and comes fan-folded in convenient sized boxes that contain 50-100 per cent more material than most rolls.

Each box contains 3000 linear feet and the 8" x 8" material can inflate to approximately 300 cubic feet of void fill.

Standard pillows come in 8-inch width and variable lengths to meet any packing need. DuraClear is very puncture resistant and the unique AirPouch sealing process prevents air leaks often found in other systems. The amount of air per pillow is adjustable for optimum packing conditions.

The company claims that air pillows offer many advantages over traditional packing materials because they are cleaner, lighter, more user-friendly, and they do not hide the product inside the box.

Automated Packaging Systems​ designs and manufactures a complete line of void-fill systems, baggers, printers, counters, scales, and speciality packaging materials.

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