Lock launches washdown-resistant metal detector

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Lock Inspection Systems has developed the X-treme metal detector
liner, designed to withstand intensive washdown environments found
in meat and poultry processing.

The UK-based company claims that because it is sealed to IP67 and capable of withstanding high-pressure hose cleaning conditions of up to 1000 psi, the new Lock X-treme liner offers optimum protection against water ingress.

Due to increasingly stringent hygiene policies in the meat and poultry industries, intensive high-pressure washdown is required after every product run. Water ingress can potentially destroy the effectiveness of a detector head, leading to false readings.

Lock's​ X-treme therefore provides a permanent barrier over the metal detector's main liner and keeps water out, enhancing and extending its life. The high-density polyethylene liner can withstand direct hose cleaning at a range of 3ft.

"The X-treme liner is already installed in several major meat and poultry plants, and is proving to be extremely durable and resistant,"​ said Lock chairman Mike Randall.

"The liner addresses the industry demand for a metal detector that can withstand intensive washdown, and the result is better sensitivity performance and longer life for the detector."

Attention to food safety on the production line has never been greater. Flakes or slivers from machinery as well as swarf or wire from sieves, cutters or drilling during maintenance work can infiltrate the line at any stage during the production process, and new food safety legislation obliges food manufacturers to implement systems to safeguard the supply of food.

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