Perdue adopts zip packaging to enhance consumer appeal

Meat manufacturer Perdue Farms has incorporated a new zipper into
packaging for its carved chicken and turkey strip products in order
to enhance convenience and improve overall appearance.

The company is using Zip-Pak's 600 series to deliver these aesthetic and functional goals.

"When we decided to refresh packaging for the Perdue​ Short Cuts line, we knew that the zipper would be an essential part of the new design,"​ said Tom Mertensotto, director of marketing at Perdue.

"The new zipper from Zip-Pak is easy to open and close, looks great, and keeps the chicken fresh tasting after opening the package."

Perdue's Short Cuts carved chicken and turkey breast strip products were developed with the current trend towards optimum consumer convenience in mind. The company says that they can be used to top a salad, pizza, or make a chicken wrap for consumers on the go.

The resealable packaging solution reliably seals in freshness, providing consumers with a simple way to store unused portions right in the original package. The zipper also extends the brand's promise of speeding up meal preparation without skimping on quality.

The zipper, part of Zip-Pak's​ new easier-to-seal 600 Series, improves overall aesthetics of the package. Because less temperature and pressure are required to incorporate the zipper into the package, the ends appear less "crushed" or wrinkled when sealed by VFFS machinery.

The new package design also does away with the fin seal on the back, creating a very clean and modern look.

Using a proprietary resin blend and new film coatings, the new zipper can be adhered to packaging film at temperatures up to 20 degrees lower than required for traditional zippered packaging. Zip-Pak claims that the benefits of the 600 Series zippers can be achieved without compromising adequate bond strengths or efficient line speeds.

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