New technology to exploit the benefits of xylitol

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APV Baker, one of the world's leading suppliers of machinery to the
confectionery industry, has developed a new depositing technology
to create hard candies with crystallised xylitol

Derived from the companies new generation of servoform depositors the new Gemini machine is a twin headed depositor that has been specifically designed with xylitol products in mind, producing unique layered candies.

APV Baker's marketing manager Keith Graham spoke to about the technology's ability to produce hard candies with separated individual components alongside xylitol, which gives a cooling sensation in the mouth.

"These hard candies can provide an interesting contrast in both flavour and texture, as different flavoured smooth candy is placed alongside the crystallised xylitol,"​ he said.

Xylitol products are becoming increasingly popular in the confectionery world; the substance is seen as a perfect substitute for sugar, with 40% fewer calories and being suitable for diabetics.

Similar to sugar in both taste and texture there are also many other benefits to the sweetener including positive affects for dental hygiene, such as reducing tooth decay.

Xylitol is commonly derived from corncobs, birch trees and other natural sources and belongs to the polyol family of sugar alcohols found in a host of fruits and vegetables.

While unable to give specifics, Graham commented on the success of the crystallised xylitol candies in the Asian market and said he believes there to be much potential in the European and North American markets due to the products appeal to both adults and children alike.

The Peterborough-based company has about a 75 per cent market share in deposited hard candy confectionery, with over 450 systems operational around the world.

The company has 2,700 employees worldwide and experienced sales of £360 million in 2005. It is part of the Invensys group.

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