New dairy partnership improves dairy product safety and shelf-life

By Mike Stones

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Improved safety standards and longer shelf life are claimed to stem from a new marketing collaboration between Danisco and DuPont Qualicon. The venture matches Danisco’s patented protective cultures with DuPont’s Qualicon detection system for the early prediction of shelf life in naturally protected dairy products.

A DuPont spokesperson told that: “Danisco natural food protectants help protect perishable products against yeast and mould. The BAX(R) system from DuPont Qualicon detects yeast and mould within hours instead of days, and can predict fungal growth up to two weeks out, thus helping to extend shelf life​.”

Traditional culture methods to measure yeast and mould require at least five days growth before visual inspection for fungal growth. “Rather than wait for a visual detection, the automated BAX(R) System examines at the DNA level​,” said the spokesperson.

Fungal concentration

The BAX(R) System amplifies a fragment of fungal DNA to millions of copies in about six hours, generating a value that indicates fungal concentration. Preliminary data has shown these values to correlate with plate counts up to 14 days later, so the BAX(R) System may be used to predict fungal growth​.”

The principles behind the testing process were confirmed by an extensive joint study guided by Dr Robert F. Roberts of Penn State University. Using nearly 500 samples, the study found that Danisco’s Holdbac YM protective cultures gave fresh fermented dairy products significantly longer protection against yeast and mold than other solutions.

Meanwhile, DuPont Qualicon BAX System PCR Assay for screening yeast and mould was seen to detect mould up to 14 days earlier than other standard methods, confirmed the research. The use of both solutions makes it possible to prolong product life while maintaining an all-natural positioning, said both companies.

Commenting on the development, David Charest, Danisco’s food protection vice president said: “Our Care4Uplatform for natural food protection solutions and DuPont Qualicon's rapid PCR-based detection goes beyond securing a longer shelf life. It is also about improving the image of our customers’ brands through reduced consumer complaints and broader consumer perceptions of enhanced quality.”

Natural food safety

The spokesperson added: “This is the first result of joint efforts by DuPont Qualicon and Danisco to integrate technology with products in ways that provide high value to customers. We look forward to continued collaboration and more solutions that benefit the food market. Danisco and DuPont Qualicon strengthen natural food safety.”

The global food protectant market is estimated at $1.28bn/year. Natural food protectants account for about a quarter of that market.

Rising by up to eight per cent/year, the annual growth rate for natural food protectants is twice that of the food protection sector in total, said the two companies.

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