VIDEO: Californian 'got milk?' ads target parents in two languages


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VIDEO: Californian 'got milk?' ads target parents in two languages

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The California Milk Processor Board has unveiled an English and Spanish language TV advertising campaign to encourage parents of all ethnicity to buy milk for their children.

Advertising agencies Goodby Silverstein and Partners (GS&P) and Grupo Gallegos, which respectively created 'got milk?' and Spanish language version 'toma leche' for the California Milk Processor Board, were drafted in to co-develop a TV ad campaign that will appeal to all Californians - regardless of the language they speak.

Around 4.3m, approximately 13.7%, of people in California speak only Spanish, according to the 2011 US Census.

GS&P, which created the got milk? campaign in 1993 for the California Milk Processor Board, hopes that its collaboration with Grupo Gallegos will remind parents, whether they speak English or Spanish, that "a person's future self is determined by the nutritional choices he or she makes today."

"It's time to start addressing the California market on the basis of things we all share,"​ said Jeff Goodby, co-chairman, GS&P. "California consumers are extremely diverse but when it comes to wanting what's best for our children and their future, we are one united front."

“This campaign embraces every parent’s personal desire, which is preparing our children for a successful and healthy future," ​Goodby added.

Nutritional choices

The campaign, which launched in English under the 'got milk?' tag and Spanish under 'toma leche' strap line last week, includes two videos titled 'Champion' and 'Brave'.

‘Champion’ shows a young girl sat in a shopping cart meeting her future self in a supermarket. After being encouraged to drink from a carton of milk, the girl sees her future self become an athlete.

Having witnessed the transformation, the girl’s mother then frantically fills up the shopping cart with milk.

The California Milk Processor Board describes its other new ad, 'Brave', which depicts a firefighter reminiscing about a conversation shared with his mother over a glass of milk, as a "beautiful and emotional look back upon the lasting effect of a glass of milk between parent and child."

The California Milk Processor Board, which is funded by dairy processors in the state and administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, hopes the adverts will encourage parents to make a "positive impact"​ in their children's life through milk.

“We have an emotional connection to milk,​” said Steve James, executive director, California Milk Processor Board.

“I think the spots are reminders of the influential role parents’ nutritional choices and advice have on their child’s future.”

Hispanic 'got milk?'

The California Milk Processor Board commissioned  GS&P to create the 'got milk?' in 1993.

In 2005, Grupo Gallegos was tasked by the Californian Milk Processor Board with creating an equivalent Spanish language campaign. The result, 'toma leche', which translates as 'drink milk', was designed to reach Hispanic parents in California.

The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), funded by dairies across the US, began licensing the 'got milk?' trademark from GS&P in 1995.

Since then, scores of actors, singers, and athletes have adorned 'got milk?' posters sporting milk mustaches.

Earlier this year, however, it signaled a move away from its celebrity-driven 20-year old got milk? campaign with the launch of Milk Life - a campaign designed to reinforce the nutritional benefits of milk.

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