Ingredia seeks to patent method for stringy-when-cooked spreadable cheese


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Ingredia seeks to patent stringy-when-cooked spreadable cheese method

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French dairy ingredients firm Ingredia has applied to patent a method to produce a spreadable cheese product that becomes stringy when cooked.

The international patent application, filed by Arras-based Ingredia in May 2014, details a method for producing spreadable cheese from powdered dairy protein concentrates, fat, and water.

"The invention relates to a method for producing a cheese which is spreadable and/or becomes stringy when cooked, said cheese being produced from powdered dairy protein concentrates,"​ the patent application reads.

Spreadable cheese typically liquefies when subjected to heat. 

Ingredia claims its invention - devised by Celine Lesur, David Franck, and Jean Jacques Snappe - produces spreadable cheese that when heated has stringy characteristics "similar to those obtained by traditional cheese."

The invention "relates in particular" ​to low-moisture mozzarella, a semi-hard cheese that is "suitable for grating."

Low-moisture mozzarella, which is not be confused with liquid-packed, high-moisture mozzarella, is used widely as a pizza cheese.

As detailed by Ingredia, the patent-pending process starts with the addition of water, fat, and powdered dairy protein concentrates to a mixer.

The mix is blended at 1,500 revolutions per minute at a temperature of between 35 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius "so as to emulsify and homogenize said composition."

It is then cooled at a temperature of between 35 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius. 

The cooled mixed then goes through a coagulation stage, when it is transformed from a liquid into a thickened mass. 

The resulting mass then textured and molded. 

The invention also "provides a method for manufacturing a cheese without a whey separation step," ​the company claims.

Source: WPO Publication No: WO/2014/188123
Published: 27/11/14 Filed: 21/05/14
Title: Method for producing a cheese and cheese produced.
Authors: Celine Lebur, Franck David, Jean Jacques Snappe. 

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