NIZO develops method to produce the 'Holy Grail' of soft serve ice cream


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NIZO develops method to produce 'Holy Grail' of soft serve ice cream
NIZO has developed a method to produce what it calls the “Holy Grail” of ice cream - a fat-free, low-sugar soft serve offering with less than 100 calories per 100g serving.

The concept, which harnesses the "natural properties"​ of dairy protein to "substitute for the creaminess of fat and the body of sugar"​ produces what Netherlands-based NIZO Food Research claims is the world's first no-fat, soft serve ice cream containing 25% less sugar than regular offerings.

Regular soft serve ice cream contains more than 160 calories per 100g serving, according to NIZO.

The ice cream produced using the Dutch firm's process, however, contains just 99 calories per 100g serving.

Unsurprisingly, NIZO is keeping its cards close regarding the unpatented method, but Koos Oosterhaven, the company's business development manager, said the end product contains all the same ingredients as regular soft serve ice cream. 

“It’s not patent protected, so we can’t say too much,”​ Oosterhaven told

“We make use of the natural properties of dairy proteins. If you remove the fat, what you have left is protein. Together with the process we're able to mimic the attributes of fat."

He added that that technology "can be applied to many other food products."

"We are eager to develop these in collaboration with the industry,"​ he said.

Work began on the concept following the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo in New Orleans in July 2014, where NIZO was offering samples of a fat-free ice cream.

"Last year at IFT we had a fat-free ice cream,"​ said Oosterhaven. "Several said the mouth feel and flavour was great, but asked it we could get it below 100 calories per 100g, which is what they call the Holy Grail in ice cream."

Six months on, NIZO is ready and raring to license out the method.

"We are currently discussing the concept with several partners from several parts of the world,"​ said Oosterhaven.

Industry professional will get their first chance to try the ice cream at foodservice trade show Horecava in Amsterdam this month.

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