Momenti Spirited Ice Creams opens first factory for alcohol-infused ice creams & sorbets

By Mary Ellen Shoup

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One of Momenti's five flavors, blackberry cabernet sorbet, combines Cabernet Sauvignon and blackberries.
One of Momenti's five flavors, blackberry cabernet sorbet, combines Cabernet Sauvignon and blackberries.

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Momenti Spirited Ice Creams has opened its first manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, to freeze and infuse ice creams and sorbets with wine and spirits using a patent-pending process.

The company wants to make ice cream socials “the next big thing,”​ founder Leif Pearson told DairyReporter.

“Ice Cream reminds us of our childhood, and yet alcohol reminds us that though we have adult tastes, we still have an inner child that loves ice cream,”​ Pearson said.

Graduating with a degree in science, technology, and society from Colby College, in Maine, Pearson’s idea for ice cream infused with alcohol was a natural one, he said.

“I have always been into science and conducting experiments,​” Pearson said.  “Though the impetus was a bus trip with friends to Vegas, for me making my first flavor, White Russian Pecan Ice Cream, was an experiment that has turned into a fusion of creativity, mixology, and understanding ice cream science.”

Momenti Spirited Ice Creams are available in five flavors including: White Russian Pecan, Chocotini Chip, Vodka Cookies & Cream, Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet, and Limoncello Sorbet.

New audience

By US law, customers must be over the age of 21 to purchase Momenti Spirited Ice Creams, but that age constraint is not deterring customers from trying the product.

“We are finding there is a growing segment of people that don’t usually drink that really like our product,”​ Pearson said.

Infusion union

Momenti’s patent-pending system allows alcohol from 3%-13% ABV to freeze into the finished ice cream mix, according to Pearson, who carefully monitors the freezing point curves throughout the production process.

“It’s somewhat of a misconception that one alcohol would freeze better than another.  I look at the proof of the ethanol content more than any other factor,”​ Pearson said.

While alcohol is one of the main ingredients, Pearson says that his focus is more about how the product tastes.

“My idea was first and foremost to make a great ice cream,”​ he said. “It’s not about the alcohol as much as it is about the flavor. Alcohol is definitely present, but meant to enhance each of our flavors.”

After-market strategy

Momenti is distributed in the Nevada and California markets, focusing on product channels that buy 5 liter trays and in 8 oz individual cups in bulk; the majority of those customers are in the food service and catering industries, Pearson said.

The alcoholic ice cream company is currently working with a half-dozen Las Vegas restaurants and food and beverage companies.  The company can also produce its product in custom-branded cups for private events and catering opportunities.

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