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Brands to watch in US flavored non-dairy milk

Almond milk is just one of the dairy alternatives available to US consumers. Hemp, rice, soy, coconut and cashew have all made inroads into the dairy substitutes market. Pic: ©iStock/SageElyse
Almond milk is just one of the dairy alternatives available to US consumers. Hemp, rice, soy, coconut and cashew have all made inroads into the dairy substitutes market. Pic: ©iStock/SageElyse

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The dairy industry is expanding to include dairy substitutes and dairy alternatives within its scope. Allied Market Research pinpoints up and coming brands.

Veganism has turned mainstream; and the lactase-deficient masses are turning to an organic plant-based diet.

Top brands and new entrants in the dairy industry are capturing a huge customer base, with innovative product lines and flavors to cater to different tastes and needs.

Indeed, there is a plethora of dairy alternative products available in the market. Big brands and startups are vying for the attention of consumers by diversifying the flavors of milk and milk products.

The US has been the fastest to adopt non-dairy milks and cream, with the market filled with soy, almond, coconut, cashew, and rice milk.

These traditionally came in a single flavor.

However, with the increase in number of takers for the milk substitute market, dairy substitutes are now available in a variety of flavors, including sweetened, unsweetened, and the highly preferred chocolate and vanilla. The industry is producing flavored milk powders as well.

Some of the top brands are Silk (WhiteWave Foods), Blue Diamond Growers, Native Forest, Earth's Own Food Company, Califia Farms, and Living Harvest Foods Inc.

Additionally, Organic Valley and Pacific Organic are other prominent names that are establishing themselves in the market.

Some company profiles have been listed below, with greater focus on their competitive strategies and market initiative undertaken by them to sustain in the American market. Each of these brands have diversified their product lines to cater to an increasing customer base.


Silk, a brand belonging to WhiteWave Foods, is one of America’s most popular dairy substitute brands. Its offerings include an array of products such as organic soy, sweetened, unsweetened, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and many other flavors.

The brand has experimented with different plant sources such as rice, soy, almond, cashew, and coconut for milk production.

The brand was recently bought by the diary giant Groupe Danone, which marks its entry into the plant-based milk alternative market. This will expand its scope in the international markets and provide a larger customer base.  

This year WhiteWave is determined to generate an additional $3bn in the US especially from sale of plant -based foods.

Blue Diamond Growers

The US based food corporation is one of the leading producers of almonds and almond-based products in the country.

The brand believes in adding raw sugar or a hint of honey to balance out the nutritional value of the sweetened variants. Blue Diamond’s almond milk in chocolate variant is finding a lot of takers.

This is perhaps why its Almond Breeze milk is ranked as America’s most preferred non-dairy milk.

Califia Farms

Califia Farms has in a short time built a loyal customer base, with its products boasting naturally sourced ingredients.

It offers a wide range of milk products and non-milk cold coffee brews.

Apart from the conventional flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, the company also experiments with interesting combinations.

The new beverage mix includes cinnamon and ginger, along with almonds and coconuts blends.

Earth’s Own Foods

The Canadian company has a strong market presence in the North American continent. It offers the regular nondairy beverages, and also expanded its scope by introducing cashew milk derived from cashew nuts.

Emphasis on the gluten-free quality of its cashew milk has helped the product make it to the top players list.   

Native Forest—Edward & Sons Co.

America’s largest organic tinned foods brand, Native Forests are known exclusively for the rich and creamy goodness of their coconut milk. They were the first to introduce certified coconut-based milk in America, thus making them a leading player in the particular source milk.

Their milks are produced both for primary consumption, and also for cooking purposes.

The competitive price at which the product is available in the market has been a major determinant of its popularity.

Living Harvest Foods Inc.

The brand is highlighted as it focuses on production of coconut milks and milk derived from hemp. Its products are touted to be carrageenan-free, gluten-free, soy and dairy-free, and vegan.


The entire industry has been researched by Allied Market Research​, who predict that milk substitute products are set to take over from mainstream mammal-derived milk. 

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