New and upcoming products in the dairy aisles

By Jim Cornall

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Some of the new products launched - and about to launch - in the dairy aisles. Pic: ©iStock/wwwebmeister/Issaurinko
Some of the new products launched - and about to launch - in the dairy aisles. Pic: ©iStock/wwwebmeister/Issaurinko

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It's time for a look at some of the new products that launched in the month of December, as well as some that are 'coming soon.' 

As always, if you have a new product you'd like to see us include, please email us​ with the details.

Fonterra’s new Anchor products in China

Fonterra has launched a new range of Anchor products in China.


The ‘Upline’ range features two UHT milk products: LiveUp is a high-protein milk with 50% more protein than standard UHT (5.7g of protein per 100ml), while NaturalUp is made from organic New Zealand milk that meets Chinese and New Zealand organic standards.

LiveUp will be available in physical stores and online, while NaturalUp will have a dedicated launch on e-commerce platforms, which is a fast-growing sales channel in China.

Both products are now available throughout China for sales orders online, while LiveUp is being rolled out to stores in the coming months.

The existing range of Anchor UHT products in China has also had a facelift, with fresh packaging in place across the full range of products.

Range of new cheese in Australia

dec-premier selection

Fine Scottish Foods has launched a new range of European cheeses in the Australian retail market under the new brand "Premier Selection."

The range, a mix of speciality cheeses for the deli counter and gourmet cheeses for the dairy fixture launched exclusively at Coles.

There are a total of 21 new products in the range, selected from cheesemakers around the world.

Omega-3 yogurt

A new omega-3 yogurt range has been launched by Westhaven Dairy, a “boutique” dairy company located in Tasmania, Australia, that specializes in goat and cow milk dairy products.


The yogurt is made from milk that has been naturally enhanced with omega 3 through dietary manipulation of the dairy cow. A major benefit of using this method to incorporate omega 3 is that the omega 3 is incorporated into the milk fat globule by the cow, and is completely tasteless. The company says this is an advantage over artificially adding omega 3, which may come with flavor and shelf-life issues.

The initial flavors are mixed berry, raspberry, vanilla and natural, with other flavors to follow, as well as omega 3 fresh milk using the same method of natural enhancement.

Gotland milk to launch in Stockholm

dec-gotland arla

From February, 2017, residents of Stockholm, Sweden, will be able to buy organic milk from the 11 Arla farms on Gotland. Arla Gotlandsmjölk will be sold in selected stores in the Stockholm area.

The manufacture and packaging of the milk takes place at the dairy in Visby, on the west coast of the Swedish island of Gotland, which attracts thousands of visitors from Stockholm annually.

Eatlean Protein Cheese launches in Ireland

Eatlean Protein Cheese - a high protein, low fat cheese from the UK-based Joseph Heler dairy has hit the supermarket shelves in Ireland.


Linking up with Dublin-based specialist cheese supplier, Traditional Cheese, the dairy has secured listings in the chilled aisle of 96 Dunnes Stores.

The cheese features 37g of protein per 100g, combined with only 3g of fat. 

Eatlean Protein Cheese is available as a 350g pack size with an RRP of €4.99 ($5.19).

Fluorescent bottles for a limited time


In Australia, Sungold FM 500ml bottles are having a temporary makeover for the summer, with the flavored milk variants hitting the shelves for a four-week period.

The company says that a key demographic for its products is tradesmen and tradeswomen, who wear fluorescent colors day in, day out.

Goat milk and organic formula

UK company Kendal Nutricare’s infant formula brand Kendamil is adding to its line in 2017.

The brand is launching Kendamil Organic and Kendamil Goat formula in early 2017. 

The only infant formula to be manufactured in the UK will have no palm oil within its low-level vegetable oil blend, as from its next production run, as Kendal Nutricare cuts back even further on the oils it says it believes cause infants discomfort, constipation and digestive issues.  Palm oil will only be used to a very small degree as an emulsifier.


Although some use of oils is necessary within a formula, the company says it will prove that palm oil does not have to be a key ingredient and a much-reduced level of vegetable oils is possible, if the recipe relies on the natural nutritional benefits of mammals’ milk fat, in the form of cream.

Kendamil is sold in more than 2,000 mother and baby stores in China, with 6,000 more being added soon. 

Recent export sales include contracts signed with distributors in North Africa. 

Kendamil’s 900g tins will retail below the £10 ($12.24) mark.

New from noosa

In the US, noosa has also launched three flavors to its lineup, including: orange & ginger, strawberry & hibiscus and pear & cardamom. The new products are available in 8 oz. tubs.



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