TINE signs up to ‘My Paris Agreement’ with Storebrand and IKEA

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Norway is looking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, hence its Norway 203040 initiative. Pic:©GettyImages/Lutique
Norway is looking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, hence its Norway 203040 initiative. Pic:©GettyImages/Lutique

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Norwegian dairy company TINE has joined forces with Storebrand and IKEA to create ‘My Paris Agreement’ through the Norway 203040 network.

The Norwegian government announced that Norway will cut 40% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

TINE said it hoped that through the business community and the environmental movement working together, it would inspire Norwegians to create their own personal ‘Paris agreements.’

The goal is to increase people's climate commitment and challenge companies to deliver greener goods and services.

The three companies, as well as environmental groups WWF Norway and ZERO, are hoping signing the agreement leads to changes on all levels, from government to business to individuals.

Getting involved

Individuals looking to make their own contribution can visit the My Paris Agreement website​ (in Norwegian) and choose one of eight pledges to do more for the environment.

Consumers can receive tips on how to achieve their goals, and share their efforts through social media.

The eight personal pledges are:

Savings​ – asking employers and banks to invest in environmentally-friendly enterprises
Travel​- agreeing to use public transport or bicycles more
Flights​-pledging to take less trips by plane to reduce the environmental impact
Food​-wasting less by throwing less food away
Vehicles​-making the next vehicle purchased an electric car
Plastic​-buying less products that include or rely on plastic for packaging
Energy​-using less energy in the household, and using greener energy sources
Reduce/reuse/recycle​-recycling more and reusing/fixing products in the home rather than buying new

Odd Arild Grefstad, CEO of the Norwegian banking group Storebrand, said most people want to make an effort for the climate, but many are uncertain about what they can do.

“With My Paris Agreement you undertake to change behavior in an area,”​ Grefstad said.

“It makes it easier to keep one promise.”

 He added that if that promise is considered affordable, consumers may tackle more promises to make a difference in other areas.

Companies’ commitment

The three companies involved have committed to achieve the goal set in the Paris agreement to limit global warming to below two degrees.

Hanne Refsholt, CEO of TINE, said it was important for to follow the initiative through change of their own businesses.

“Everyone must help if we are to achieve the goals set in Paris two years ago,”​ Refsholt said.

“Politicians are setting the limits, but business is both able and willing to go ahead because we have emissions that need to be reduced. We cannot encourage you to buy and consume differently if we do not accept it ourselves,”​ she added.

Secretary general of WWF World Wildlife Fund, Karoline Andaur, said the initiative is about creating awareness about everyday choices, and lowering the barrier to actually do something.

“We hope it will reveal a strong climate commitment that will put pressure on politicians and businesses alike to make it easier for everyone to make green choices in their daily lives,"​ Andaur said.

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