Nestlé Switzerland targets 100% ‘responsible sourcing’ by 2020

By Katy Askew

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Nestle hails progress on responsible sourcing in Switzerland
Nestle hails progress on responsible sourcing in Switzerland

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Nestlé aims to ensure 100% “responsible sourcing” in its supply chain across 12 categories of key raw materials in Switzerland by 2020.

The company is focusing its efforts on key commodities: milk, sugar, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, hazelnuts, vanilla, meat, fish, tomatoes and eggs. The group is also extending this effort to the paper and cardboard used in its packaging, a spokesperson for Nestlé Switzerland told FoodNavigator.

“We have a number of requirements regarding the sourcing and traceability of our raw materials, including provisions related to human rights, environmental protection, animal welfare, safety and health, and company integrity.

“We are working closely with our suppliers and independent third parties, such as The Forest Trust and Marine Stewardship Council, to ensure transparency in our supply chain, while putting in place business plans in line with our strict environmental and social requirements,”​ the spokesperson said.

Nestlé Switzerland is also supporting its suppliers to implement “responsible business practices”​ by conducting “ethical audits”​ that look at issues impacting the environment, safety, the workforce and “integrity”​. 

The Swiss business unit also aims to help suppliers comply with the Nestlé supplier code, a set of “minimum standards”​ that cover areas such as human rights, environmental stewardship and health and safety.

The spokesperson stressed that Nestlé has made some “key achievements”​ to date in Switzerland. These include: “In 2017, 92% of our key raw materials [were] traceable and responsibly sourced… 100% of the cocoa beans processed at the Cailler factory in Broc in Switzerland are UTZ certified… [and] 100% of the coffee processed at our coffee factory in Orbe is 4C certified.”

Nestlé Switzerland's efforts are in line with Nestlé's corporate sourcing strategy, which was detailed in the group's responsible sourcing guideline (RSG), published in 2013. The guide sets out detailed policies for the sourcing of all the commodities Nestlé Switzerland is concentrating its efforts on, with the addition of soya. 

"Nestlé is committed to continuously increasing the share of raw and packaging material sourced in compliance with the RSG. All Nestlé suppliers are expected to engage in a process of continuous improvement and to verify their processes and practices against the RSG,"​ the company stated.