TruDraw hailed as a ‘game-changer’ in aseptic milk sampling

By Jenny Eagle

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TruDraw aseptic sampling system. Photo: CSP Technologies.
TruDraw aseptic sampling system. Photo: CSP Technologies.

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CSP Technologies and QualiTru Sampling Systems have developed TruDraw, a single-use aseptic sampling system for liquid dairy products.

The sampler comes with a tamper-evident feature and is a sterilized, sealed container with an attached sterile needle to draw a sample in, protecting against the risk of external contamination.

Food safety


The product can be used for secure sample tracking of an individual container, which works with TruStream fittings and ports. 

It comes in a disposable blue cap with sterile two-ounce container and is hailed as a ‘game-changer’ within the industry because it protects against environmental exposure affecting a sample’s accuracy. 

Mark Schwab, president, QualiTru Sampling Systems, said that for decades, the main way of sampling has been collecting raw milk from the top of a milk tanker with dippers, which is prone to contamination from the environment or dirty dippers. 

Used in conjunction with QualiTru’s TruStream sanitary sampling ports, TruDraw can be drawn from the side or rear of a trailer, without having to climb on top of a tanker. 

For decades, very little has changed in how liquid samples are taken. Today, food safety is a primary concern for processing facilities, regulators and consumers​,” he said.

Our goal at QualiTru is to provide a sampling system that brings accountability to the sampling process​.”

QualiTru’s sampling systems are found in many beverage and food production facilities and the company recently re-designed its 12-channel sampling septum, which provides stability when inserting and removing the septa from QualiTru sanitary ports. 

The 12-channel septa, along with smaller, 7-channel septa, are part of a complete sampling system that includes stainless steel sanitary ports and sampling containers, as well as peristaltic pumps. 

Laboratory testing

The TruDraw Single Samplers collect samples from the 12-channel and 7-channel septa and provide a chain of custody process from sample collection to laboratory testing.

The updated septa features a permanent, thermal-aluminum label that indicates which channels have been used to avoid cross-contamination. 

Our commitment to reliable sampling technology and ongoing sampling technology advances are helping industries from dairy plants to breweries accurately test their liquid products​,” added Schwab.

QualiTru worked with CSP Technologies to develop the new septa.

By partnering with CSP Technologies, we are able to bring to market a new technology that improves sampling and enhances food safety across a number of industries​.”

He said accurate aseptic sampling is of utmost importance in the dairy industry where the monetary compensation farmers receive is directly linked to their products’ purity, with results ranging from quality premiums to potentially disastrous complete load rejections.  

Tamper evident seal

TruDraw works by twisting the system’s blue cap into alignment with the vial’s tab and hinge, then pressing down on the blue cap until it pierces through the vial’s lid.  

After removing the needle’s safety cover, TruDraw is inserted into the sampling septum, and product is drawn into the container.  

Once filled, the certified sampling person removes and discards the blue cap, with the sample aseptically sealed until the tamper-evident label is broken at the testing facility. 

The dairy industries methods of sampling have not changed in over 100 years. TruDraw is  revolutionary as it draws an accurate sample into a sterile container assuring the user of better test results,​” said Richard Okupniak, VP, sales & marketing CSP Technologies.

CSP Technologies designs technology that ensures product protection and enhance brand recognition including: vials, bottles, films, blisters, molded components, and specialized packaging.

QualiTru Sampling Systems has a long history within the dairy industry. For more than three decades it has worked with dairies and milk processing plants providing accurate samples for testing.

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