Tetra Pak and AB Biotek HNH partner to create postbiotic food and drink

By Nikki Hancocks

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Life sciences firm AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health has partnered with Tetra Pak, a world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, to create a range of postbiotic-boosted food and drink solutions.

The worldwide endeavour will make use of the ability to "seamlessly integrate" postbiotics into food and drink by adding the ingredients, as a powder, at the mixing stage of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) products.

The partners say they are currently exploring an array of postbiotic food concepts, including high protein ambient yoghurt, high protein tea and reduced sugar juice. This involves working with food producers throughout their product journey, from ideation to product concept testing to industrial validation at Tetra Pak's Product Development Centres​.​  

The first launch from the partnership is the new product 'Inalpi cheese protein slices', launched in Italy, which is enriched with the yeast-based postbiotics Saccharomyces cerevisiae ABB S6​, Saccharomyces cerevisiae ABB S15​ and Kluyveromyces marxianus ABB S8.

The firms say the product's high protein content is complemented by the postbiotic functionalities as these ingredients can enhance consumers' protein metabolism​.

"This postbiotic innovation is not just a response to a demand; it's a demonstration of our ambition to keep our customers ahead of market trends – no matter how fast they move," explains Alberto Kullovitz, Tetra Pak Processing Director, South Europe.

Gerald Dard, Managing Director at AB Biotek HNH, continues: “For the first time, we can now unlock new opportunities for food producers to offer fortified products in categories such as tea, plant-based beverages, sports drinks and more. We are excited to embark on this exciting journey with Tetra Pak.” 

Postbiotic potential

Postbiotics are non-viable microbial cells, metabolic by-products and their microbial components released after digestion. These component have been found to modulate immune response, gene expression, inhibit pathogen binding, maintain intestinal barriers, help in controlling carcinogenesis and pathogen infections​.

Postbiotics have antimicrobial, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory properties with favourable physiological, immunological, neuro-hormonal, regulatory and metabolic reactions.

Because they do not enter the body alive, they can act as safer alternatives to probiotics in immunosuppressed patients, those with gastrointestinal issues​, as well as children and premature neonates​.

Postbiotics can also be used to preserve and enhance nutritional properties of food​, to protect against of harmful biofilms​ and they are being discussed as the next big opportunity in skin care​. 

AB Biotek HNH

Launched in 2019, AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health uses fermentation technology involving bacteria, yeast and enzymes, to develop health solutions which focus on preventing and relieving symptoms.

The firm's solutions address a variety of specific health conditions including immuno-deficiency, IBS, osteoarthritis and more.

With applications in dietary supplements, pet supplements, functional food and beverages, they work in close partnership with our customers to provide solutions in a range of formats and delivery systems according to their preferred business models.

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