Industry must debunk whey protein bodybuilding myths: Volac


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While the whey protein market has evolved from a "bodybuilding-only market" there are still myths associated with its past that the industry must "debunk," says Volac.

During a visit to Volac HQ near Cambridge last month, Michael Hiron, the company's commercial manager of lifestyle nutrition, told that despite increasing mainstream consumption of whey protein, efforts need to be made to deal with certain "misconceptions."

"Many years ago, and you're probably look back as far as seven, eight, nine, ten years ago, whey proteins were only consumed by body builders," ​said Hiron.

"Certainly the industry has evolved," ​he said. "I still think that it is not without its misconceptions, particularly in the female market."

"I still think there is a bigger role to play, not only from the brands, but from the manufacturers likes ourselves to try and debunk these myths. And I suppose the biggest myth is females have a picture of whey protein and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the same image. You know, not understanding different exercises, different diets will get you different results," ​he said.

"But certainly the market is coming around to the way of thinking that protein is good for you," ​Hiron added.

Keep an eye out for part two of's chat with Volac's Michael Hiron this week.

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