Tetra Pak launches new aseptic filling technology

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Swiss Company Tetra Pak has had its first aseptic filling
technology for the production of HPDE bottles, primarily for dairy
applications, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Tetra Pak, the Swiss-based global food processing and packaging equipment company, has had its first aseptic filling technology for the production of HPDE bottles approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The Tetra Plast LFA-20 Aseptic Filling Technology at Jasper Products in Joplin, Missouri has now become the first production unit to start manufacturing using the equipment in the US. The HDPE bottles are being produced for low acid food and beverages.

The approval of the technology now means that the equipment can be used to commercially fill low acid products into HDPE plastic containers and distribute them without refrigeration. According to Tetra Pak, one of the biggest advantages of this type of technology is that it offers consumers a packaging that is convenient, safety and portability, alongside the high quality taste and nutritional delivery provided by aseptic technology.

Tetra Pak's aseptic HDPE solution provides particular options for low acid products with dairy ingredients such as flavoured milks, infant formulas, nutritional drinks, and prepared foods, to reach consumers in outlets such as convenience stores, mass merchandisers, club stores, foodservice, and vending machines. The system gives manufacturers that currently package products in metal or glass the opportunity to use aseptic HDPE bottles that are lighter and have more flexibility in bottle shape, size and design for product differentiation, shelf impact and brand image. This development in HDPE plastic could potentially challenge retort cans as the primary package and process for low acid products, Tetra Pak claims.

"We understand today's consumer trends and are helping our customers to leverage expanded opportunities for their products,"​ said Jeff Kellar, vice president of marketing, Tetra Pak. "With its vast experience, Tetra Pak is also in position to help its customers work through the regulatory processes in aseptic technology, ultimately bringing products to market more efficiently."

In addition to the LFA-20 filling technology, Tetra Pak has developed a critical bottle manufacturing capability at the Jasper Products facility. Using multi- layer extrusion technology, the company has been able to protect the product after filling with the appropriate barrier technology, and create the optimal bottle designs to maximise the aseptic performance of the package. Tetra Pak's sealed-neck, hygienic technology is said to protect the interior of the unfilled bottles, maximise performance in the LFA-20 filler, and insures the highest quality and product safety.

"Tetra Pak, Jasper Products and Dover Brooks, the process authority, have all worked extremely hard to finalise the development and prove the safety and efficacy of the LFA-20 low acid filling system according to the regulatory requirements,"​ said Kellar. "With Tetra Pak aseptic plastic systems already running in Argentina and Turkey, the acceptance of the technology in the US is a meaningful step toward providing our new technology to customers everywhere around the world."

Tetra Pak tests and evaluates its new product propositions in both carton and plastic package solutions at the Tetra Pak Pilot Plant in Denton, Texas. Here experts help food and beverage manufacturers to formulate products, conduct shelf life studies and produce product samples for test market studies.

Tetra Pak is a privately held company of Swedish origin, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company delivered its first packaging system 50 years ago, in 1952. Established in the United States in 1984, Tetra Pak Inc. develops, produces and markets complete processing and packaging solutions, and commits to making food safe and available everywhere.

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