Milk drink launched to lower blood pressure

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A new fermented milk, designed to help control blood pressure, has
been launched in Iceland, only the second food in Europe to make
such a claim.

The drink is manufactured by Mjolkursamsalan, Iceland's largest dairy company, using the patented Evolus technology developed by Finland's Valio. The Finnish company launched its Evolus fermented milk on the home market in 2000, the first product to be sold in Europe with a scientifically established claim to control blood pressure.

The new drink, introduced under Mjolkursamsalan's LH brand, contains milk-derived natural tripeptides which have clinically been shown to control blood pressure. It is the first product using Valio's technology to be launched outside Finland.

Evolus has found a successful market in Finland, where the consumption of fermented milk products is part of the traditional diet. As a fresh product, its distribution from Finland is limited to a certain geographical sphere and Valio has been looking for licensing partners outside the domestic market.

Mjolkursamsalan already holds the rights to Valio's technology for the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus GG (LGG), a patented L. rhamnosus​ strain, in Iceland so the Evolus licensing, signed in February 2003, is a logical extension of co-operation between the two companies, says Valio​.

The action on blood pressure is produced by bioactive peptides, the result of fermenting milk casein with certain lactic acid bacteria. L. helveticus​ bacterium, widely used in cheesemaking, splits casein to the ile-pro-pro and val-pro-pro tripeptides that reduce blood pressure. The effect of Evolus in lowering blood pressure has been documented in several clinical trials, including a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition​.

Finland's largest dairy company also offers its technology for lactose-free milk to dairy food makers.

The new LH fermented milk is available in three varieties - apple-pear, cherry and strawberry - in 100ml plastic bottles.

Contact Esa Laurinsilta​ for more information on the Evolus technology.

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