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A review to help chilled and frozen food companies to identify and
potentially exploit new technologies for the rapid cooling of foods
has been launched.

Published by CCFRA, the document, entitled Rapid cooling of foods,​ pulls together information from scientific literature, the trade press and web-published articles.

The review describes a range of emerging developments and novel methods for the rapid cooling of foods. These include, for example, plate and air blast chilling and freezing, immersion chilling and freezing, vacuum cooling, pressure shift freezing, dehydrofreezing, cryogenics, ice slurry methods, and novel cooling systems such as hydrogen, vortex, Peltier and heat pipe cooling.

It also outlines the importance and potential benefits of rapid cooling and discusses its theoretical basis before considering the effects of rapid cooling on the food product - with particular emphasis on meat, poultry and fish. The list of references provides useful pointers to source information, to help the reader explore areas of interest in more detail.

There have been a number of recent innovations in the cooling and freezing sector. Linde Gas for example has developed a cryogenic ground-level cooling system, the LIX-shooter, which uses liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon for use in mixing, kneading and cooking equipment.

According to Linde, conventional cryogenic processes apply coolants to a product surface from above, which leads to unnecessary vaporisation and a drop in cooling efficiency. Where the LIX-shooter system differs is that it injects directly into the product, achieving immediate heat transfer and reducing gas consumption.

Copies or further information can be obtained by visiting CCFRA's website​.

The CCFRA Group is the UK's largest independent membership-based organisation carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide. It provides the industry with research, technical and advisory services needed to ensure product safety and quality, process efficiency and product and process innovation.

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