Avure's high pressure system speeds up process

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Sweden-based Avure's latest high pressure processing system for the
food industry is one of the biggest innovations in food technology
this year, according to market analyst Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan said Avure's​ US division received the award in recognition of the company's development of a speedier method of using high pressure processing (HPP), which helps ensure product safety and extend shelf life.

The analyst found Avure's system was effective in destroying almost all major food-borne pathogens, including Listeria monocytogenes.

Company managing director Johan Jemdahl told FoodProductionDaily.com the market for high pressure processing (HPP) systems is being driven by the growing demand for ready-to-eat products, such as sliced meat and seafoods.

High pressure processing is emerging as one of the prime technologies food producers are using to extend shelf life and to ensure the safety of their products, according to Campden &Chorleywood Food Research Association. Although high pressure processing was first developed about a century ago, it is only now that the method's full benefits are being exploited by companies.

High pressure processing is a non-thermal pasteurisation process in which a food is subjected to pressures four to seven thousand times higher than normal atmospheric levels. The pressure is heldfor a time, generally under 10 minutes.

The extremely high pressures inactivate vegetative microorganisms. Food processors can maintain the sensory and nutritional quality of their food products by not using additional heating to killthe microsorganisms, Leadley stated.

The company's 215L Ultra High Pressure Processing (HPP) system uses an innovative pumping system developed by Avure's parent, Flow International.

"The pumping system integrates highly efficient hydraulics and powerful pressure intensifiers, which help accelerate process steps - pressurization, de-pressurization, as well as systemopening and closing,"​ Frost and Sullivan stated in awarding the company its leadership award for emerging food-processing technologies. "Since less time is lost in and between thesesteps, cycle times are reduced and processing throughput is increased."

The 215L Ultra HPP system has been on the market for over a year, Jemdahl said. told FoodProductionDaily.com. The company's biggest market for HPP systems is in the US, where companies are moreconcerned about the legal and financial consequences if their products make customers sick. Concern over brand protection is also driving the market.

Avure uses its Quintus wire-wound presses for processes that involve pressures from 400MPa (58,000 psi) to over 700 MPa (100,000 PSI). The Quintus is a pre-stressing technology that employs thesteel wire-winding technique. This technique offers dual benefits: high strength along with a light and compact structure.

However the market for HPP systems is also growing in Europe, driven by new legislation on food safety.

HPP is currently used by companies such as Hormel Foods, Perdue Farms, Avomex, Clearwater Seafoods, Winsom's, Calavo, Motivatit Seafood, Lovitt Farms, Joey Oyster, Jumex, Leahy Orchards and others.

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