Machine doses milk with omega-3, without the fishy smell

By Ahmed ElAmin

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A method of enriching milk with Omega 3 will result in products
without the fishy taste associated with the oil, Tetra Pak says in
marketing a dosing machine for the nutrient.

Scientific research into omega-3 showing that it can stimulate the brain development, concentration and learning ability in children and promote heart health in the general population has increasedconsumers' awareness of the benefits.

Previous attempts to add omega-3 to chilled milk have resulted in a fishy tasting product, due to the oxidation of the oil, the Sweden-based company says. Using the new dosing technology, Arom Pak,in conjunction with the omega-3 emulsion developed by Netherlands-based DSM Nutritional Products, eliminates the fishy taste, Tetra Pak claims.

The combination allows dairy customers to produce chilled milk with the added health benefits of omega-3 fish oil. The Arom Pak uses dosing technology that fills and packages the product usingchilled systems manufactured by Tetra Pak.

DSM's omega-3 is UHT treated for aseptic delivery and specially formulated for dairy applications. The emulsion is protected by an aseptic bag system, designed to work with the Tetra Pak's dosingunit.

Fish oils are known to be one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Mintel's Global NewProducts Database​ (GNPD) shows that 174 product launches or range extensions across Europe by early November made a reference to omega-3 content in their product description, already an increaseon the 153 products launched last year.

Of these, only 10 contain fish oils. These include Nestle's Petit Drinking Yoghurt with DHA, just launched in Spain, Plus Omega-3 Bread from Denmark-based Kohberg, Fish Oil Cereal Bars developed byUK firm Biomedical Laboratories, and a number of milks from dairies like Sudowia, Dairy Crest and Covap.

Processed fish, meat and eggs account for the greatest share of omega-3 products globally, with 27 per cent of all launches this year. Dairy is close behind with 18.4 per cent of such launches,followed by babyfood, bakery and sauces.

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