Gateless conveyor designed to handle delicate foods

By Ahmed ElAmin

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A new conveyor system is designed to handle delicate foods, such as
chocolates or confectionery, helping to reduce product damage and
flavour loss, the manufacturer claims.

Tna's Roflo is designed as a gateless distribution and accumulation system.

The conveyor uses a servo-driven system to provide smooth operator motion.

Tna claims that totally gateless system results in "dramatic" reductions in product damage, flavour loss, and maintenance and cleaning time.

As product moves along the distribution system, it passes through the gateless feeders.

The mechanics allow operators precise control over handling a wide product range, dependent on the product's coefficient of friction.

The conveyor can be configured to meet the needs of a wide variety of food applications.

With fewer parts to wear out or break, Roflo can also help reduce maintenance and cleaning time, Tna claimed.

The Roflo also allows plants to use single pan lengths of about 100m with a master drive and any number of slave drives.

"This not only reduces maintenance issues, but also product breakage and wastage by eliminating unnecessary transfer points," the company stated.

"Product agitation is eliminated as linear motion and low force results in the product moving as a single entity never leaving the pan surface."

All product is swept along the pan, which leaves little residue, the company claimed.

Low noise levels, low pan wear, and minimised power usage are some of the other advantages stressed by the company.

The total motion control allows managers to use Roflo as a distribution or an accumulation system.

Roflo conveyors are designed to be programmed for control of forward velocity, return velocity, acceleration, deceleration, and variable length of stroke up to 200mm (8 inches) to provide optimum flow of product.

"The movement speed and direction of the product can be varied at will on line and at high frequency, while speeds can be controlled with almost instantaneous response to control signals," Tna stated.

The Roflo comes with product level sensors that control mass flow to store product if there is a temporary decrease in packaging capacity.

Roflo is specifically designed to integrate with the company's Robag, a vertical form, fill, and seal bagger.

It can also be integrated with nearly any packaging system, Tna claimed.

The Robag bagging system has had success in the the snack, confectionery, biscuit, cereal, pasta, powder and fresh produce markets, Tna stated.

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