UV alternative to heat pasteurisation gains US approval

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Atlantium Technologies has gained regulatory approval in the US for a UV light-based disinfectant system for water used in dairy processing.

Ensuring that both products and equipment are kept free of water-borne pathogens is an ongoing challenge for dairy processors.

Israel-based Atlantium claims that its Hydro Optic Disinfection system delivers high quality, safe water at lower cost and low energy use levels than traditional thermal pasteurisation.

Approval for the system in the US was gained after the Food and Drug Administration finalised the 2009 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO), and issued the IMS-a-47.

The new rules include criteria for the use of UV to provide disinfected and pasteurised equivalent water in dairy processing. Atlantium said its system is the only off-the-shelf UV system validated for all the criteria required by the PMO.

“The 2009 PMO opens the way for US dairy processors to replace heat pasteurisation of water with energy-efficient, chemical-free UV technology,” ​said Atlantium CEO Yoni Glickman.

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