Casein measuring software offers cheese processing quality boost - developer

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Caseus Pro software measures, rather than predicts casein levels

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Software that enables processed cheese manufacturers to measure, rather than predict the functional protein content of cheese will improve product quality and reduce costs, its developer has claimed.

Australian firm Gold Peg has claimed that its Caseus Pro least cost formulation software differs from similar computer programs as it offers manufacturers the ability to control intact casein levels during processing.

Least cost formulation software computer programs calculate cost-optimised recipes.

As functional protein values are highly unpredictable, measuring them is the best way to control the functionality of the finished product.

Caseus Pro project manager, Andrew Henderson, told that those that use the software can expect increased productions yields, lower costs and a higher quality product by reducing variations in functional protein.

Intact casein content

“Caseus Pro is a complete best practice formulation package – providing improved quality control and cost reduction to processed cheese formulating,” ​said Henderson.

“Measuring the intact casein content in the natural cheese ingredients allows you to control the intact casein in your finished processed cheese, which is directly related to the quality and functionality of your processed cheese.”

“Controlling intact casein results in a consistent product viscosity during manufacture and consistent functionality and quality of the finished product,” ​he added.

According to Henderson, improved production performance, reduced rework production and reduced variability in intact casein and product functionality can be expected as a result of implementing the software.

Manufacturers would previously have attempted to manufacture their products using a formulation template, according to Gold Peg. This would offer varying results as functional proteins, such as casein, break down at different rates, said the company.

This meant that manufacturers were often forced make last minute adjustment to their recipes.

“In a nutshell, better production performance, improved quality control and reduced costs,” ​said Henderson.

Continuous improvement

The software is comprised of two components – the ‘Formulation Software’ and the ‘Intact Casein Calibration’.

“The key features include a customisable inventory management system; least cost formulation; customisable composition, nutritional label and manufacturing reports, and performance tracking software to drive continuous improvement,” ​said Henderson.

The software can be linked directly to existing inventory management systems, Henderson added.

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