Milk drinkers win Nobel Prizes, researchers claim

Milk drinkers win Nobel Prizes, researchers claim
Nations that consume a lot of milk also tend to produce a lot of Nobel Prize winners, a letter published in Practical Neurology has suggested.

Building on the findings of a 2012 report linking chocolate consumption with Nobel success, British researchers compared Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) milk per capita data from 22 countries with information provided by the author of the chocolate theory, Franz Messerli.

They found that Sweden, which boasts 33 Nobel laureates per 10m population, also consumes 340kg of milk each year - the most milk per head in the world.  ​Switzerland, which has an enviable Nobel Prize haul of 32, consumes 300kg of milk per head per year.

China, which consumes just 25kg of milk per head per year, boasts no Nobel Prize winners.

The researchers, from Gloucester Royal Hospital, claim that there is a “plausible biological mechanism” ​for the correlation – suggesting the proven link between vitamin D-rich milk and improved cognitive behaviour.

“So to improve your chances of winning Nobel prizes you should not only eat more chocolate but perhaps drink milk too: or strive for synergy with hot chocolate?”​ said the letter.

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Got Facts?

Posted by Lisa V,

Apparently not.

When it comes to Nobel Prizes ...

China 4
Sweden 1

Epic fail.

Maybe, just maybe, your inability to use the Google is due to you drinking so much mind numbing (and cancer causing) milk!

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a2 Milk is the answer

Posted by Ronnie,

Nobel and Novel, I think a2 Milk is the real reason. No BCM7 in it.

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Elementary my dear Holstein!

Posted by Doug Anderson,

The production of milk and Nobelness correlate but there is little to suggest causation. This little factoid is an example of media fluff with no real meaning and is distracting to the real but moderate benefit to milk as a human comestible. It is neither as evil or beneficial as either of the existing posts above would suggest , so concentrate on figuring out what balance can be struck here.

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