Greek yogurt ‘a platform’ for Activia probiotic brand expansion - Dannon


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Greek yogurt ‘a platform’ for Activia probiotic brand - Dannon

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Dannon has launched a Greek yogurt variation of its popular probiotic-enriched Activia yogurt brand in the US – a combination the company has branded a “powerhouse.”

Activia Greek contains 0% fat and twice the amount of protein of a regular non-fat yogurt, according to Dannon - the US subsidiary of French dairy giant Danone. It is also the only non-fat Greek yogurt in the US that contains the exclusive probiotic, Bifidus Regularis, the company added.

It is available in a range of five flavours – Garden Blueberry, Strawberry Patch, Orchard Peach, Tropical Fruit and Vanilla.

According to Dannon, Activia Greek offers the same digestive health benefits as Activia, but with the taste and texture of Greek yogurt that US consumers are increasingly demanding.

Speaking with, senior director of public relations at Dannon, Michael Neuwirth, heralded the popularity of Greek yogurt as “a platform”​ to extend the reputation of Dannon's Activia yogurt brand.

“We look at Greek yogurt differently than most others,” ​said Neuwirth. “We see Greek yogurt as a platform for our Activia brand. It is another way for consumers to enjoy Activia.”

Greek and Activia combination “a powerhouse”

“Activia is the leading brand of yogurt in the US for digestive health benefits. It translates very naturally into the Greek yogurt format,” ​said Neuwirth. “Activia Greek is Activia, but in a new format.”

“The combination of Activia and Greek yogurt is a powerhouse​,” he said.

Greek yogurt has experienced a dramatic increase in popularity in the US in recent years. In mid-2007, Greek yogurt accounted for around 1% of yogurt sales in the US. It now accounts for around 40%.

activia greek

This rapid growth played a large part in the development of Activia Greek, Neuwirth said.

“This launch reflects the fact that more than four of every ten dollars spent on yogurt in the US is on Greek yogurt."​ 

“As one of the world’s leading probiotic yogurt manufacturers we thought now was the time to make this option available.”

“We expect Activia Greek to continue the success we have had with Activia. Activia was introduced in the US in 2006 and has become remarkably well know despite being available for only a few years here," ​he said.

Fastest growing Greek yogurt portfolio

Activia Greek is the latest addition to Dannon's bulging US Greek yogurt portfolio, following the recent launches of Oikos and Oikos Light. 

“We have already demonstrated that one company can have multiple brands participating in the Greek yogurt category,” ​said Neuwirth. “We are well into Greek yogurt in the US. In fact we have the fastest growing Greek yogurt portfolio in the US and we are adding to it as we speak.”

“So we are thrilled to be extending it to Activia,” ​he added.

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