Hong Kong recalls Australian low-fat milk over excessive bacterial count

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Hong Kong recalls Australian low-fat milk over bacterial count
The Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has ordered the recall of an Australian low-fat milk product after routine tests found a bacterial count exceeding the legal limit.

The CFS has called on the public not to consume, and traders not to sell, a particular batch of Pura Slim Milk after tests revealed a bacterial count around ten-times the legal limit. Imports of Pura Slim Milk from Australia have also been suspended.

The recall order was issued after tests conducted on a sample of Pura Slim Milk found a total bacterial count of more than 30,000,000 per millilitre. Hong Kong food safety regulations dictate that that pasteurised milk should not contain more than 30,000 bacteria per millilitre.

“A sample of the milk was collected for testing under the regular Food Surveillance Programme,”​ said the CFS recall notice. “The test result showed that the total bacterial count exceeded the legal limit indicating unsatisfactory hygienic conditions but does not mean it would lead to food poisoning.”

“The CFS has also informed the Australian authorities. The CFS will monitor the recall of the affected product and the development of the incident. Appropriate actions will be taken whenever necessary,” ​the recall notice added.

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