Animal feed industry gets a new website

By Jane Byrne

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Animal feed industry gets a new website

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A new website has been launched to supply breaking news for the global animal feed industry – a sector that was valued at $500 billion last year.

The website - published by William Reed Business Media, publisher of this site – will deliver real-time business news and analysis. is available as a free access website and provides twice weekly newsletters to its subscribers.

The new website will set the agenda for the global livestock feed industry by focusing on research and development, by helping feed manufacturers navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, and by ensuring they are kept up-to-date with the latest grain price movements and other key developments in the sector. will also bring feed manufacturers regular insight from leading analysts on merger and acquisition deals in a sector bent on consolidation.

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China is big feed player

The website is being launched at a time when the international animal feed industry is being bolstered by a hike in demand for protein-rich meat products in tandem with increasing meat consumption on a global scale, particularly in China.

These developments, characterized by greater industrialization in meat production, are massively boosting demand for feed.

Feed production reached nearly 1bn tons last year.

China is the globe’s biggest feed producer – manufacturing 189M metric tons.  The US is the second largest producer, with an output of 169M metric tons from 5,236 feed mills and Brazil is number three, generating 67M metric tons from 1,237 feed mills.

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Animal feed additives

Feed manufacturers are increasingly reliant on animal feed additives from amino acids to enzymes to boost meat quality and safety, and prevent diseases in livestock, particularly with regulator-led migration away from the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in feed.

The global market for animal feed additives, in terms of revenue, was estimated to be worth around $16,183.0 million in 2012 and is projected to reach $20,233.2m in the next four years, growing at the compound annual growth rate of 3.8%.

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Expansion plans

Leading manufacturers are looking to expand businesses across regions either by building new facilities in other countries or through mergers and acquisitions to penetrate the untapped markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

The new website will provide independent news and views to help business managers make informed decisions, as they grapple with rising raw material costs and increasing regulation.

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