Lallemand touts high protein yeast extract for meat alternatives

By Louis Gore-Langton

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'Prime Lyfe 175A' is a high protein yeast for enhancing
'Prime Lyfe 175A' is a high protein yeast for enhancing

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Lallemand says it has created a unique new extract, Prim Lyfe 175A, which enhances meat and bouillon notes suitable for vegetarian alternatives.

Dubbed Prime Lyfe 175A, it is the first yeast extract containing 70% protein.

Joanna Wozniak, sales and marketing manager for Lallemand, told us: “It has more intensity in terms of its meaty flavour and higher levels of glutamic acid and a mix of other amino acids - an important aspect in creating the flavour suitable for seasonings and prepared foods.

“This is for any company that uses yeast extract to improve meaty taste in a product; it’s most interesting for application into products like patés, sausages and alternative meat products.”

A recent Mintel study showed that more than third of consumers buy alternative meats such as quorn on a regular basis, despite only 7% in the US identifying as vegetarian. Pressure on the meat industry is constantly rising with greater numbers calling for sustainability taxes to be introduced. 

Wozniak said the company hopes this will be a major area in which the food industry can apply Prime Lyfe 175A.

“So far, it has mainly been used in seasonings, but it is open to all kinds of uses in all kinds of processed foods” ​she added.

The extract is also non-GMO, gluten free, organic, vegan and kosher certified. 

Lallemand, based in Montreal, has been developing different yeasts and bacteria since the 1970s.

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Sustainability taxes? Really?

Posted by Ruth,

Why are we treating meat (complete protein full of minerals) like it is a pack of cigarettes? If people are really worried about the environment, maybe they should also start taxing all of our electronics which require ruining the environment during mining of rare earth metals? Maybe people should not throw away their cell phone every year.

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