Sainsbury’s doubles range of non-dairy milks in 300 UK stores

By Jim Cornall

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Sainsbury's is now stocking Califia Farms products, as its range of dairy-free milks continues to grow.
Sainsbury's is now stocking Califia Farms products, as its range of dairy-free milks continues to grow.

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UK retailer Sainsbury’s has responded to the dairy-alternative trend by doubling its range of non-dairy milks in 300 of its stores.

After seeing growth in the category of 11.5% last year, and 28.8% over two years, Sainsbury’s is adding 18 new plant-based milks to it aisles.

Within the new range, Sainsbury’s will be the only major supermarket in the UK stocking dairy alternatives from Califia Farms, including iced coffee in 1 liter or 750ml ‘take home’ packs and cold brew coffees with nut milk.

Sainsbury’s is also adding the Plenish nut-milk brand to its existing range of dairy alternative drinks, which includes almond, soya, oat, coconut, rice, hazelnut, cashew and hemp milks.

Dairy-free destination

James Curtis, milks buyer at Sainsbury’s said the company was delighted with the performance of its dairy alternative milk range over the last year.

He said by adding the new brands, Sainsbury’s “will be a real destination shop for customers looking to replace regular milk with non-dairy alternatives. 

“In particular, we expect cold brew coffees made with nut milks and additional dairy products like kefir to continue to build in popularity over the coming months and years.”

Growth of non-dairy

Last week, market research provider Euromonitor international published a new report on dairy alternatives,‘From Almond to Pea: The Growing Appetite for Plant-based Milk.’

Pinar Hosafci, senior food analyst at Euromonitor International said a growing number of consumers are looking beyond soy to newer plant alternatives that are less likely to be sourced from genetically modified crops, are allergen-free and carry a lower carbon footprint.

From 2017-2020, soy as an ingredient in milk alternatives is projected to increase by only 9%, while cereal and nut-based ingredients will grow by 30%.

The report also shows the growth of dairy alternatives: In 2002 milk alternatives sales were only 5% of those of cow milk’s – by 2021 they will be 20%.

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