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Claranor launches chemical-free sterilization process for HDPE Bottles

By Jenny Eagle

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The Claranor Puls combi FS Linear. Picture: Claranor.
The Claranor Puls combi FS Linear. Picture: Claranor.

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Claranor has launched a chemical-free sterilization process for HDPE bottles and caps for beverage and dairy and will debut the technology at Pack Expo.

Also on display will be a cup sterilizer for production of dairy desserts; a cap sterilizer for a PET line for high-speed decontamination (up to 1600 bpm) for water, sensitive liquids and beverages and the Puls’combi HDPE, designed for 60 days ESL milk filling lines, allowing the sterilization of both bottle neck and cap.

'Sensitive drinks'

On the milk bottle: the pulsed light sterilization is applied before cutting the bottle neck which prevents any cross contamination prior to filling - an efficient alternative to conventional chemical sterilant spraying.

On the cap: the Puls’Full cap sterilizer can be used on the most sensitive of drinks for sterilization inside and outside the cap.

"The HDPE bottle is mostly used in the production of milk and the US is ranked second in milk production, just after India (source: Statistica – 94 million metric tons in 2015) a huge market for us, even more if we add the milk-alternatives which are booming​,” said Isabelle de Forsanz, marketing manager, Claranor.

Our Puls’Combi HPDE offers producers an efficient and cost attractive alternative to conventional chemical sterilant spraying​.

Using no water and no chemicals and being free from migration hazards the pulsed light sterilization is answering more than ever the challenges faced by manufacturers in terms of transparency in production and clean labeling​.”

First orders in US

She said the first Puls’Combi HDPE has already been delivered and will be installed in the coming weeks in the US.

Claranor, which is a supplier of chemical free solutions for online packaging sterilization will be present at Pack Expo Show with IMS, its exclusive distributor for the US.

On the one hand, consumers all over the world are looking for healthier foods and beverages​,” said de Forsanz.

This means low levels of sugar, no artificial coloring, clean labels, and these formulation constraints often concern more sensitive products thereby increasing the need for packaging sterilization​.


On the other hand, transparency on processing is also an emerging trend across the food sector​.

Claranor has good arguments on all those aspects: - pulsed light packaging sterilization is a non-chemical sterilization without residues in the product, in the packaging, or in the environment offering high level of log reduction and is its low energetical sterilization process prevents generating new compounds inside the packaging (often plastic) material​.”

Claranor will be exhibiting at Pack Expo, Las Vegas from September 25-27, 2017 in the South Hall Booth 5812. Christophe Riedel, CEO, will be attending along with John Puthoff from IMS.

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