From Gouda to yogurt – CSK showcases products in Paris

By Jim Cornall

- Last updated on GMT

The Salon du fromage cheese event, which take place in Paris, France, every second year, has grown to become an international event showcasing cheese and products related to cheese.

In 2018, the event showcased cheese from the UK among the 220 exhibitors. At this year’s event, 35% of the companies in attendance were new, and included companies such as Bragard, which designs clothes for professionals in the industry, and Nakide, an architecture company that creates cheese shop interiors.

The show also featured packaging companies and manufacturers of cultures for cheese.

One of those in attendance was the Dutch company, CSK food enrichment, which develops, manufactures and delivers ingredients to the dairy industry.

More than Gouda

While the company has been in existence for more than 100 years, and last year opened a new location at Wageningen University (link), marketing manager Christian Hemmer told DairyReporter it was at the Salon du fromage for the first time, in part to showcase the fact that the company is more than its reputation as being “the Gouda guys.”

CSK does still sell Gouda cultures, but also has cultures for other cheeses and products, as well as products for cheese coating, coagulants (natural and microbial), rennet, and lactic acid permeate and lactic acid distillate.

CSK’s cultures are used globally in millions of kilos of cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. 

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