Indian government and IICMA shoot down coronavirus ice cream myth

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The Indian government, IICMA and WHO have all debunked the ice cream coronavirus myth.  Pic: Getty Images/magone
The Indian government, IICMA and WHO have all debunked the ice cream coronavirus myth. Pic: Getty Images/magone

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The Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Association (IICMA) and the Indian government have both moved to counter a rumor circulating online that ice cream and other frozen desserts could be responsible for spreading coronavirus.

The Indian government pointed to a message from the World Health Organization’ South East Asia office, which said there is no scientific evidence eating a hygienically-made ice cream or frozen food spreads the virus.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow in India, and the government and various health bodies are having to address not only false claims about how the virus spreads, but also fake cures.  One such myth that has grown is that sesame oil can cure the disease. Others the WHO has moved quickly to debunk include eating mango, durian, curry, or turmeric, exposure to sunlight, bathing in seawater or drinking lots of water every 15 minutes.

The IICMA has appealed to consumers to examine claims to see if any factual or official reports support them.

The organization is urging consumers to not give up ice cream due to the misinformation, and that it can be enjoyed during the country’s lockdown.

The IICMA was established in 2011 as the national association of ice cream manufacturers. It is a professional non-profit organization representing the ice cream and frozen desserts industry in India.  


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Excellent Drafting

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I am Madhu Koneru food lover especially Ice Cream. Due to covid 19 all my friends asked me not to consume ice cream. By reading Mr.Jim Cornal article feel happy that we can enjoy the Ice creams.

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