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The company has implemented its solution in eight dairies. Pic: Getty Images/Andrei Stanescu

JK Tech launches integrated Smart Dairy Solution in US

By Jim Cornall

JK Tech, a next-generation digital and IT solutions provider offering templatized and pre-configured solutions to enterprise customers to help them embark on their digital transformation journey, has launched its Smart Dairy Solution in the US.

Dairy Dialog podcast 148: Action on Sugar, World Cheese Awards

Dairy Dialog podcast 148: Action on Sugar, World Cheese Awards

By Jim Cornall

This week, we have two interviews on the podcast. We have conversations with Dr Kawther Hashem, campaign lead at Action on Sugar, and John Farrand, managing director of the Guild of Fine Food, which organizes the World Cheese Awards.

Dairy Dialog podcast 147: Institute of Food Technologists

Dairy Dialog podcast 147: Institute of Food Technologists

By Jim Cornall

This week, we have just the one interview, but it’s a deeper look at climate change and food, with John Ruff, chief science and technology officer at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), in Chicago.

Action on Sugar is calling for government restrictions on child-friendly packaging, and nutrition and health claims on yogurts (high or medium in sugar), to stop misleading parents. Pic: Getty Images/kzenon

UK Action on Sugar group slams majority of children’s yogurts

By Jim Cornall

The UK group Action on Sugar is calling for a complete ban on child-friendly yogurt packaging and on misleading nutrition and health claims following its new product survey, which it said shows only 5% of yogurts with child-friendly packaging contain...

Quality and safety issues are a major cause of concern across all sectors of the cheese industry.

Hygiene in the cheese industry: an overview

By Peter Littleton, Christeyns Food Hygiene technical director

In 2020, approximately 474,000 metric tons of cheese were produced in the UK, an all-time high (1).

DSM’s Dairy Safe cultures are used in a rotation system with several phage alternatives. Pic: DSM

DSM expands cheese biopreservation portfolio

By Jim Cornall

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, has announced the extension of its Dairy Safe cheese biopreservation portfolio, with a selection of new phage-robust culture rotations.

The DOH said drinking unpasteurized milk is unsafe. Pic: Getty Images/Monty Rakusen

Hawaii Department of Health clamps down on raw goat milk

By Jim Cornall

Hawai‘i Department of Health Food Safety Branch inspectors are visiting pet supply stores and food retailers throughout the state and issuing cease and desist notices to those engaged in the illegal sale of unpasteurized goat milk.

The representatives said the Dairy Pricing and Policy Commission would be a broad coalition of dairy farmers, dairy processors, and other industry experts.  Pic: Getty Images/Maksymowicz

Bipartisan legislation introduced for Wisconsin dairy

By Jim Cornall

Reps. Ron Kind (D-WI) and Mike Gallagher (R-WI) have introduced bipartisan legislation to establish a Dairy Pricing and Policy Commission to recommend solutions to the issues facing family farmers and help secure the future of Wisconsin dairy.

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