Unexpectedly Classic, Uncommonly Good: Get the Scoop on Vanilla

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Unexpectedly Classic, Uncommonly Good: Get the Scoop on Vanilla

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When it comes to food, we all have memories linked to a special dish or a flavor that bring us unique emotions and souvenirs of a special moment. It is all about the pleasure we had discovering the aroma, the texture, or the smell. If there’s one universal product that is naturally linked to an emotional moment, we say it’s ice cream!

When ice cream has the perfect balance between flavor, texture, and indulgence, it offers a moment of real pleasure. The key is the ingredients you use to create this balance and vanilla is one of them. Its reputation is beyond popular, often being the favorite ice cream flavor of consumers. Vanilla is quite unique; it is as much traditional and historic as innovative and surprising.

For this webinar, we have gathered our latest market research and insights as well as our best-in-class tools and technologies in ice cream and vanilla to help manufacturers understand how they might create the perfect combination of both; offering you a holistic capabilities approach covering the pillars of affordability, nutrition, texture and taste.

If you’d like to get the full scoop on what vanilla has to offer and uncover our full product design capabilities, register now.

Unexpectedly Classic, Uncommonly Good: A Vanilla Ice Cream Story

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Alexia Alexia Monfraix Customer Experience Marketing - South Europe

Chanelle Chanelle Fouche van Heerden Design Team Leader Dairy

Eduardo Eduardo Villagomez Director - Global Vanilla Business Development

Michelle Sinéchal Michelle Sinéchal Category Marketing Lead – Dairy, Europe