Carbon Dioxide

A team of scientists has developed a way to convert acid whey from making Greek yogurt into sustainable biofuels.  ©GettyImages/Oskanov

Scientists discover new use for Greek yogurt acid whey

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Researchers from the Department of Environmental Conservation of New York State have developed a way to convert acid whey left over from Greek yogurt production into sustainable biofuel and chemicals.

© iStock/Brekbit

Danone focuses climate efforts on regenerative agriculture

By Katy Askew

French dairy-to-drinks giant Danone has signalled its intention to “sharpen” its focus on regenerative agriculture as a way to “broadly reduce emissions” in the future and respond to consumer demand for “naturality and transparency”.

A dairy farmer at the first monofermentation system at a dairy farm in Hinnaard, the Netherlands.

Funding for FrieslandCampina’s Cooperative Jumpstart project

By Jim Cornall

Henk Kamp, the Netherlands Minister of Economic Affairs, has given €130m ($155m) SDE+ (Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production) subsidy to Cooperative Jumpstart for the installation of 103 manure monofermentation systems at dairy farms.

Palsgaard celebrates CO2-neutrality milestone

Palsgaard celebrates CO2-neutrality milestone

By Jenny Eagle

Palsgaard, which makes emulsifier/stabilizer blends, which are used in products from cake mixes to chocolate, confectionery, dairy and ice cream, is the first Danish food producer to achieve CO2-neutrality.

TINE's new dairy plant on the Norwegian coast runs on 100% renewable energy. Mayor Tove Heno wielded an axe at the opening to show the role of local wood chips in the plant.

New TINE dairy runs on wood and waterfalls

By Jim Cornall

The mayor of the Norwegian coastal municipality of Fræna, Tove Heno, used an axe at the official opening of TINE’s Elnesvågen dairy, which runs with 100% renewable energy.

CGF five-year project to install low carbon refrigeration systems

Heineken, SAB Miller, The Coca-Cola Company, Nestlè & PepsiCo.

CGF completes five-year project to install low carbon refrigeration systems

By Jenny Eagle

Members of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) have completed a five-year project to install low carbon refrigeration systems in over 4,000 supermarkets, four million ice cream and drinks chiller units and industrial plants worldwide.

Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke

Nestlé to phase out HFC ice-cream freezers

By Jenny Eagle

Nestlé plans to phase out its HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) refrigerants by 2016 and replace them with non-HFC refrigerants (natural refrigerant alternatives), across Europe.