Climate Change

How will climate change impact UK dairy? Brushtec weighs in / Pic: GettyImages MNStudio

Guest Article

Key ways climate change is affecting UK dairy farming and agriculture

By Barry Crackett, product designer, Brushtec

Climate change and the public’s response to it is affecting almost every aspect of agriculture, but what does it mean for cattle farming? In this guide, Brushtec discusses a few ways global warming may directly impact the dairy industry, as well as a...

Dairy Dialog podcast 147: Institute of Food Technologists

Dairy Dialog podcast 147: Institute of Food Technologists

By Jim Cornall

This week, we have just the one interview, but it’s a deeper look at climate change and food, with John Ruff, chief science and technology officer at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), in Chicago.

Dairy Dialog podcast 138: Climate Neutral, RangeMe, Tetra Pak

Dairy Dialog podcast 138: Climate Neutral, RangeMe, Tetra Pak

By Jim Cornall

There are three interviews, and four guests on the podcast this week. We have conversations with Climate Neutral CEO Austin Whitman; Nicky Jackson, CEO of RangeMe; and, from Tetra Pak, Frederik Wellendorph, vice president liquid food, and Alejandro Cabal,...

The wind industry is expected to deliver more than $85bn in economic activity by 2020.

General Mills signs 15-year deal for wind energy

By Beth Newhart

Food giant General Mills is making a commitment to sustainability and clean power by covering the electricity at its US facilities with renewable wind energy. It has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement with Roaring Fork Wind, LLC.

Jellies emission heavy says Carbon Trust

Special Edition: alternatives to carbon heavy processes

Stoving eco project flounders but dairy and bakery go green

By Jane Byrne

Little industry interest in scaling up alternatives to the energy intensive conventional stoving method for jellies parked a UK agency’s bid to develop a microwave based method but low carbon technology projects in dairy and bakery are taking off.

The weather excuse

Weekly Comment

The weather excuse

With all the threats facing food and beverage production -- from
contamination in the food chain, to rising input prices --
there appears to be one menace that towers above the rest, namely
'The Weather'.