No dearth of healthy dairy products

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With the booming trend in health products, and dairy manufacturers
under pressure to innovate, there is an impressive number of
healthy dairy products being launched each month. We take a look at
some of the latest entries, from market analyst Mintel's Global New
Products Database.

With the booming trend in health products, dairy manufacturers, increasingly under pressure to innovate, have found strong potential for new products with added health benefits.

This month saw an impressive number of new dairy products with added probiotic bacteria, recognised more and more by the health-conscious consumer. We took a look at some of the latest innovations on the Global New Products Database​, supplied by market analysts Mintel.

Austrian dairy company Tirol Milch launched three new flavours of its Pro Frucht yoghurt on the home market this week. Pro Frucht, described as a fine, light and creamy natural yoghurt, now comes in Erdbeerfrucht (strawberry), Marillenfrucht (apricot) and Beerenfrucht (berries) flavours. The range contains acidophilus and bifidus cultures as well as fibre, and have added vitamins and minerals.

Germany's Onken has launched a yoghurt specially for the Christmas season. Weihnachts Joghurt Mild Winter Bratapfel, which retails at €0.99 in Germany, includes live bacteria, with a high percentage of lactic acid, and a 10 per cent baked apple preparation, according to the company. It is packaged in a 500g pot.

Leading Swiss food group Nestle has reformulated its LC1 Pur Yogurt for launch in Austria. The yoghurt, said to strengthen the immune system due to its lactobacillus content, is now sweetened with glucose.It costs €1.39 for a four pack of 125g plastic pots.

The retailers are taking part in the trend, too. Budget retailer Lidl has launched a probiotic yoghurt drink under the Pianola brand in Germany. Retailing at €1.29 for a 125ml bottle, the product comes in orange flavour with added L. Casei to support the body's immune system.

UK retailer Tesco, meanwhile, has developed a low-fat yoghurt for those who like yoghurt on cereal. Breakfast Pouring Yogurt, packed in a 1-litre carton, has been launched in vanilla flavour on the UK market to pour over cereal or fresh fruit.

The French group Carrefour has introduced a low fat, lemon-flavoured yoghurt drink, LV 0% Limon, with added lactobacillus on the Spanish market. The company has also launched a Calcium and Vitamin Enriched Milk, 'Leche con Calcio Semidesnatada' made from semi-skimmed milk, under its own brand for Spanish shoppers. The drink costs €0.76 and is packed in a 1-litre Tetra Brik carton with a click-top cap.

Recent weeks have also seen launches for novel dairy products from some of the leading names. Danone, which already has one of the most successful functional food brands in its probiotic drink Actimel, and a number of drinkable yoghurts, is introducing its dairy 'bar' range, the Danio Batonik Bar range, to Poland. Costing PZ1.11 (€0.27), the product consists of a small fromage frais bar, with a flavoured filling, covered with chocolate. The company claims its product is the equivalent of a glass of milk. In two flavours, orange and strawberry, the bars are packaged in 36g flow wrappers.

Mintel's Global New Products Database looks at new product development, and features records of food, drink and non-food product launches. For more information, visit​ or call +44 20 7606 45533.

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