DIAL: farmers must manage milk quota

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The Dairy Industry Association (DIAL) has urged milk farmers in
England and Wales to cut the levels of milk production or face a
hefty fine from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).

The Association which represents dairy producers in England and Wales says that milk production must fall significantly in the following months so that quotas are not breached.

This fear has been sparked by the release of the November milk production statistics by the RPA. Figures filed last week indicated that November production valued at 1,070 million litres 45 million litres higher than at the same point last year.

Year to date production is now 251 million litres or 4.4 per cent higher than the same point last year. Last year milk production in the England and Wales finished at just 115 million litres under quota, says the group.

DIAL believes that in order for milk production to finish below the year's quota a significant fall in production needs to occur.

A planned proposal for reduction would be the most effective way for the industry to meet its quotas. The organisation stressed that rather than a one off drop in milk production in one month of the year, farmers should make the effort to bring down milk production gradually.

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