Fat-burning drink to be launched in Germany

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A "fat-burning" whey drink is to be launched into the German
functional foods market this spring. Nordmilch the company behind
the product hopes that the drink will have a positive impact on the
sector, which is one of the largest in Europe, writes Danny

Body-Fit the drink that is set to be launched in spring will be part of Nordmilch's Milram health drink range which already includes low fat butter milk and whey products. The zero fat beverage uses the ingredient L.-cartin to help to speed up metabolism, and in turn help consumers to lose weight, the company claims.

L.cartin (previously known as vitamin BT) is a nutrient that once digested attaches itself to fat within the body to speed up the reaction of fat-burning.

According to Datamonitor, the industry analyst group, the functional foods market is growing rapidly accross the globe. In 2000 the world market for functional food was thought to be worth €73 billion. It is estimated that it is growing by 16 per cent a year.

It is the dairy sector that is driving growth and in Europe the sector is expanding at 6.8 per cent annually. Dairy-based functional foods in Europe is worth €3.9 billion, and the Germans are among the largest consumers of functional foods in Europe.

Furthermore, in Germany there is an incresae in the consumption of whey drinks. According to a report released this month by the market report agency (ZMP), almost half of those questioned about thier diets said that they included whey drinks in their eating and drinking habbits. In a similair survey carried out two years ago it was revealed that only 34 per cent of the population consumed whey drinks.

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