Cheese focus for Central Europe

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Accession has sparked significant growth for the accession states
of Central Europe, a fact that is reflected by a rash of product
launches for the sector highlighted by this week's look at the
Mintel database where cheese is the focus.

Over the course of the last couple of years significant investment has gone into the region's dairy sector in an attempt to consolidate it. The consolidation has led to a bigger and more modern production facility that is now able to keep up with the demands put upon it by the opening up of the European Union market.

"Accession will have a huge impact on the agricultural sector,"​ said John Band, market analyst at Datamonitor, a few weeks before accession took place. "During this transitional period the dairy sector has had a chance to upgrade, update and generally bring itself up to a far more competitive and efficient level. In correlation to this the dairy sector has experienced huge growth in the region, but it still remains a relatively localised industry, serving mainly the domestic market and a small export market largely contained within the region."

But now that accession has taken place, the localization and isolation has disappeared for all but the smallest players. In response to this dairy company in the accession states are increasing their product diversity in attempt to appeal to both the domestic and export market, a fact that is reflected by the range of new product launches.

Starting off in Poland, Turek is launching Moja Porcga Camembert - a variety of the traditional French cheese. This is a product extension to an existing range of cheeses that are well established on the domestic market. The whole fat Camembert is packed in a 120 gram boarded package and comes in five individually wrapped cheese triangle portions. The cheese is launched on the Polish market this month and is expected to retail for €0.75.

Staying Poland TMT is launching Ser z Mieka Koziego Goats Cheese. Made from 100 per cent goat's milk, this is a brand new product line which is being launched in 60 gram portions wrapped in flexible plastic packaging. The cheese, which is made from pure cultures and rennet, is expected to retail for €0.77.

Meule d'Or is launching a new formulae grated cheese on the Hungarian market. Packaged in flexible plastic with a zip-lock sealer, the pack contains 100 grams of mixed cheese that is said to contain 100 grams of Emmantal. With the added bonus of a recipe printed on the side of the pack, the product will retail at €1.97 when it is launched later this month.

Also in Hungary, Eru Cheese Hungary has launched Flamenguito Cheese, a new product that features six individually wrapped blue cream cheese slices. Retailing at €1.10 for a 200 gram pack this product reflects the growing diversity in cheeses that are being manufactured in the region. It's ingredients include 26 per cent blue cheese, port-saint cheese and sweet cream.

Finally, in the Czech Republic Pribina is launching Crème Cheese under the Král Sýru brand. This is an extension to an existing product line and is a soft, spreadable cheese. Retailing at €0.80 for a 140 gram plastic tub, it comprises 58 per cent Heriterin cheese.

This range of cheeses is part of a selection from Mintel's Global New Product Database​.

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