Novel 'flavour straw' adds value to plain milk

By Chris Mercer

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A new, patented straw that adds flavour to plain milk as you drink
through it will be launched across the world in a novel attempt to
reinvigorate milk consumption.

The Sipahh milk flavouring straw, developed in Australia by domestic firm Unistraw International, is filled with flavoured tapioca beads that literally flavour the milk as it passes through them.

The straw comes in four natural flavours - chocolate, banana, caramel and strawberry - and uses no artificial preservatives or colourings. The product also contains less than 2g of sugar.

Unistraw said it was preparing to launch the Sipahh straw in Australia and was developing large-scale production capability in North America, Europe and Asia.

The straw has perforated, conical-shaped caps at both ends to contain the tapioca balls, but also allow milk to flow through freely.

"Sipahh taps into the worldwide trend towards healthier, more wholesome and convenient products that can deliver nutritional benefits in a fun and innovative way,"​ said Unistraw chief executive Martin Chimes.

The firm said trials showed the straw was extremely popular with parents and children, and should help to revive the milk sector, which is currently battling to lose its 'commodity' label in global markets.

Unistraw also claimed to have support from major retailers around the world and said it had appointed licencing partners in various countries, including the UK, US and Canada.

Flavour development is now a big focus for dairy firms looking to add value to their products and improve the image of milk with consumers.

School milk promotion campaigns have been running in both the UK and US recently to try and combat kids' preference for fizzy sodas.

Last month, a US school study sponsored by the Milk Processor Education Programme found that milk consumption rose 12 per cent in schools offering new flavours and packaging. Those in the control group, receiving no new products, experienced no change.

The study also claimed that US children were drinking three times more sodas than milk.

In the UK, milk consumption has been falling continuously for 30 years, though liquid milk sales rose by 35m litres between 2004 and 2005, according to a small study cited by the Women's Food and Farming Union.

For more information on the Sipahh flavour straw contact Unistraw​. The straw will be unveiled at the Anuga expo in Germany in October.

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