Friesland Kievit launches creamers with low saturated fat

By Gavin Kermack

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Friesland Foods Kievit is launching a new range of savoury creamers based on non-hydrogenated fat (HVO), its first to contain up to 80 per cent less saturated fatty acids than other creamers.

The Dutch company says that it is responding to consumer demand for healthier products with lower levels of saturated and trans fatty acids. These fats are produced when unsaturated fat is hydrogenated, so non-HVO products have become an attractive prospect for manufacturers.

The creamers are designed specifically for use in savoury products such as soups, sauces and mashed potatoes.


Janet Katerberg, spokesperson for Friesland Foods Kievit, told that thanks to the reduced amounts of saturated fatty acids the products “can contribute to the health propositions of savoury products”​. She added that they will bring to food such properties as creaminess, taste, texture, mouth-feel and whitening.

The products are not the Meppel-based company’s first foray into non-HVO creamers, but are the first with such reduced levels of saturated fat. Its other creamer products use fractionated palm oil, which contains around 55 per cent saturated fats. The new creamers, which are made from vegetable oil, milk protein and a carrier material to separate out the emulsified fat, have a saturated fat content of 10-11 per cent.

Katerberg told that the levels of trans fats will not be reduced, as in their existing products these are already at less than 1 per cent.

Longer shelf life?

Unsaturated fats are usually less stable than hydrogenated fats and are prone to lipid peroxidation. However, the company claims research suggesting a shelf life of at least 15 months for their new product, although no antioxidants are used.

It adds that in spite of the new formulation, the creamers will lose nothing in terms of functionality.

The company says that it has been working on the product for the last two years, with the final stage of development lasting approximately nine months. The product will be aimed largely at the Western European market.

It did not release any information regarding whether the new creamers would replace any of its existing products or if they would be sold alongside them; however, Katerberg told that the price would be “slightly above”​ that of its regular creamers.

Other non-HVO moves

Earlier this year, ingredients manufacturer Macphie announced a new range of non-HVO cream alternatives designed to be used as full dairy replacements, and DMV International launched a non-HVO foamer ingredient to be used in instant cappuccino.

Lower consumption of saturated and trans fats have been strongly linked to a range of health benefits including reduced risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. The concern over trans fats has been such that Denmark, Switzerland and New York City have banned them in food products.

In the United Kingdom, voluntary measures taken by manufacturers and retailers have resulted in safe consumption of trans fats, according to the Food Standards Agency.

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