National Starch talks texture in five tongues

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National Starch has developed a multi-lingual dictionary of texture called the ‘Texicon’, which its sales teams use to ensure manufacturers and food scientists understand the same thing from descriptive terms.

Whether a food is crispy, brittle, creamy, chewy or fluffy has become a purchase driver for consumers, who seek a certain experience from their food. But National Starch believes language barriers could stand in the way of delivering on expectations.

Its ‘Texicon’ is divided into categories, each containing texture effects associated with a different experience, such as luxurious, exciting and healthy. The texture terms are given in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian, and are accompanied by a picture of a food that embodies the texture.

A spokesperson said the booklet has been initially designed as an internal sales tool. It is also available in digital format, which the company will email to customers.

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