FDA files complaint against New York cheese maker

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken legal action against a New York-based cheese producer, claiming that unsanitary conditions at the company’s plant pose a public health risk.

Peregrina Cheese makes cheeses, sour cream and gelatin products which are supplied to specialty supermarkets, and the FDA says that Listeria has been found in its products several times over the past few years.

“This company has consistently failed to make corrections to improve the insanitary conditions under which it processes cheese products, despite frequent warnings to do so,”​ said Michael Chappell, the FDA’s acting associate commissioner for regulatory affairs. “The FDA will not tolerate food companies that fail to provide adequate safeguards.”

If entered by the court, an injunction would temporarily stop Peregrina Cheese from making or distributing its products, pending further court action.

Under current law, the FDA cannot mandate a food recall, but can take legal action against a company if it has reason to believe that its products pose a serious risk to human health.

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